ARAM Store

To find the latest interior designs, furniture styles and home decor, stop by ARAM store, one of London's most stylish and reputable furniture stores.

One of London's most highly regarded modern furniture stores, ARAM Store, situated on Drury Lane, is much more than a place that sells furniture. It is the home of an exhibition space and at the forefront of furniture and home design. Wander through the converted warehouse, walk up the spiral staircases, learn about leading designers, and try out the newest line of luxury chairs. From the building's architecture to thoughtfully laid out tableaus of dining and sitting rooms, visiting ARAM Store provides insight into the innovative and creative world of home decor and furniture. Who knows, you may even leave with some decoration ideas of your own.


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ARAM Store

110 Drury Ln, London WC2B 5SG, UK

+44 20 7557 7557