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Verandah Boutique

A hidden treasure, Verandah Boutique is the perfect place to find unique gifts, designer lables as well as a fun shopping experience.

Gift shopping can be tricky; it's difficult to locate a unique but usable gift that will be appreciated. Luckily, Verandah Boutique, a treasure trove of novel trinkets, lovely decorations, designer samples, and amusing cards, has something for everyone. Fun and quirky, the shop is simultaneously vintage and modern, a mixture of the best of both worlds. With gift-wrapping included, swing through the Boutique, pick up something for a loved one back home, and then board the airline to your next destination. Be careful though, you may want to spend a while browsing the colourful displays and unique offerings of this cute little London treasure.

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Verandah Boutique

117 Chamberlayne Rd, London NW10 3NS, UK

+44 20 8968 5498