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by Naomi Vakharia 20 February 2019

For any business travels in London, Merino Hospitality offers guests a unique, personalized experience. With properties all over the city, guests are encouraged to enjoy the full services provided by the hospitality experts at Merino. This hospitality service takes into account every detail to emulate an exclusive experience with a painless planning process, perfect for businessmen and women.

With nine different properties all over London, each with luxurious amenities, guests have a plethora of options. These locations are perfect for a business trip as the amenities reflect the needs of a working man or woman. Every Merino location has fibre optic Wi-Fi, allowing for those late night conference calls to occur without technical difficulties. Offering the latest in house technology, the handy smartphone, guests are able to make local and long-distance phone calls, read personalised content and much more.§ Each apartment is furnished with bespoke beds and mattresses, created by Merino itself. This ensures a rested, comfortable stay no matter which location. With any special requests, Merino is happy to comply.

The accommodations provided by Merino Hospitality are extremely personalized and detailed. The company’s mentality is to create an atmosphere that their properties are “your home in Central London.” To ensure guests feel this, every aspect of their stays are meticulously thought through. When arriving, the guest is picked up by a hospitality expert in a Mercedes V, S, or E class vehicle to ensure a smooth journey to the property. At the property, the guest is greeted by another employee and is able to settle in at the location and ask any questions. From there, the guest is encouraged to take advantage of the services offered by Merino, as well as the location of the apartment itself. Each property was cherry-picked and are located throughout London, near different attractions. Additionally, Merino Hospitality employees are equipped with local knowledge and recommendations perfect for each guest to plan their stay in London.

Merino Hospitality

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Merino Hospitality

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