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Ham Ham

Where to Try Farm to Fork Dining in London Featured

Sustainability rules the roost at London’s gastro temples transporting the farm fresh to the table.

by Victoria Gill

Veganism. Fair Trade. Food Intolerances. Celiac. Organic produce. There’s never been more emphasis on the traceability of ingredients restaurants infuse into their dishes than now. Farm to table - or field to fork - produce injects ripeness, zest, reassurance and the freshest flavours, ensuring ingredients - and their suppliers - take centre stage.


Etymology meets eats at this homey neighbourhood brasserie where the local ethos runs from the nomenclature to the setting, sourcing and staff. Ham means home in old English, and all produce is personally sourced from boutique independent British farms and artisan suppliers into lovingly curated, hearty dishes that burst with flavour under a Michelin-trained chef. The intimate space is framed by the elevated open kitchen above the dining room and patter of chatter at this buzzy haunt, where bottomless brunches fizz every day of the week.

ham restaurant dishHam 

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As holistic as they come amid the capital’s carnivorous dining scene, the ingredients of the dishes conceived and presented by the brothers behind Rabbit come direct from Nutbourne, the fraternal family farm. The feel is of a breezy kitchen garden restaurant where the Estate’s vineyards supply the award-winning wines. Wild, foraged and utterly delectable, ingredients are caught, fished, grown, picked and dug in rural Sussex then served at the capital’s tables - for Rabbit’s sultrier, after dark complement try Notting Hill sister restaurant, The Shed.

rabbit interior londonRabbit

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Farmer J

Farmer J’s breezy casual allure and sensational seasonal ingredients - their talent for bringing the field to the table is deliciously evident in dishes such as spatchcock chicken and grilled lime leaf prawns - has spurred a second restaurant and cocktail bar. Bright, breezy Mediterranean-inspired dishes and sensational cocktails with the upmost attention to sourcing makes this a popular staple amid the capital’s sustainable dining scene.

farmerJ londonFarmer J 

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