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Seal the Deal in London Featured

Because business never stops.

by LUXOS Editorial

As Fashion Week in London is about to close and move on to Milan, "sealing the deal" becomes the priority. From business breakfast to lunch and dinner, we recommend securing a table at these local favourites where privacy, professionalism and charisma are secured. 

The Wolseley

With its grand interior and discreet location, The Wolseley is the ideal location to conduct a professional, yet charming business deal. The menu ranges from breakfast to tea and continues to include dinner, allowing for a meeting to occur at any point during the day. The privacy within the restaurant itself allows for quiet meetings to continue uninterrupted. With a 14-seater private dining balcony, this location fits all the requirements for a successful business deal despite the chaotic city outside.


City Social

Overlooking the city, City Social is a quiet, private dining experience. With a Michelin-starred chef, the business can be accompanied by an amazing meal that, if desired, can be prepared in front of you. With a theatrical twist, the bespoke menu will be sure to impress the clients and create the right atmosphere to seal the deal.

city social

The Cinnamon Club

The Cinnamon Club can ensure high-quality dining set to impress. Located in a historical location, this restaurant creates a unique atmosphere with its interior design and food. Serving Indian food, this establishment boasts an original menu with chef Vivek Singh bringing a unique flare and stunning presentation to every dish.


Inspired by the traditional European cafes, this establishment is open all day and has an open floor plan with plenty of space between tables. Not only does this ensure privacy for any meetings, but also gives a theatrical flair to the restaurant. Delaunay has a sense of professionalism on the backdrop of a beautiful institution.



One of London’s oldest restaurants, Scott's is notable for its terrace dining and cocktails. It started out as an oyster warehouse in 1851 and still holds its reputation as one of the best places in the city to enjoy quality seafood dining. Its elegant oyster and champagne bar creates a sophisticated and dramatic atmosphere and its menu reflects its culinary heritage.

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