Elegant Japanese small plates and skewers in Central London.

Inspired by the vibrant bar scene of Tokyo, Jidori is opening in Covent Garden in London this February. Spread over three floors in the heart of London, the restaurant will feature tiny drinking dins, multiple levels, and will seat approximately 50 diners.

Incorporating signature dishes including Tsukune Yakitori, a minced chicken and egg dish, as well as crowd favorites like Katsu Curry Scotch egg, owners Natalie Lee-Joe and Brett Redman are bringing the culture and cuisine of Japan to London. As well as new signature dishes, Jidori will include an extended drink menu of original cocktails, craft beers, and artisan sake that guests can enjoy.

The restaurant will include a karaoke room on the ground floor where diners and their friends can enjoy some of the restaurants best small plates while singing to one of the 8,000 songs available to choose from.

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