St. John Smithfield Restaurant and Bar

Taste delicious and hearty traditional English fare at St. John Smithfiled Restaurant and Bar, a family-friendly restaurant near Smithfield Market.

Look no further than St. John Smithfield Restaurant and Bar for traditional English cuisine. Located in a small shop around the corner of Smithfield Market in Clerkenwell, do not let this restaurant's unassuming exterior fool you. Named as the Best British and Best overall London Restaurant at the 2001 Moet and Chandon Restaurant Awards ceremony, St. John Smithfield Restaurant has hearty, flavorful meals, speciality cuts rarely seen in other restaurants, and a casual dining experience that lets the dishes speak for themselves. One part of the dining experience at St. John's is the nose to tail eating, in which chefs use every part of an animal. Along with Roast Veal, Fennel and Aioli, you might find salted pig's liver or roast bone marrow. A meal at St. John Smithfield Bar and Restaurant or nearby St. John Bread and Wine, is a step away from modern European cuisine and a return to English roots. 

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St. John Smithfield Restaurant and Bar

26 St John St, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 4AY, UK

+44 20 7251 0848