Try organic European fare at London's Michelin-starred restaurant and champagne bar, Texture.

Sophisticated, trendy and hip are three words that describe the Michelin-starred modern European restaurant and champagne bar, Texture. Created by the Scandinavian chef Aggi Sverrisson, meals at Texture have Scandinavian roots and are light, but filling. Each course, from a starter of Norwegian king crab with coconut soup, lime leaf and lemon grass, to the main dish of organic Icelandic lamb, as well as a mousse dessert, lingers on the tongue. The champagne bar is a worthwhile stop before or after dinner, and each glass comes with notes about the history and cultivation of that particular champagne. With high ceilings and tastefully selected art pieces, the restaurant's environment is stylish but inviting, as well as a perfect place to sample modern European fare. 

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Texture Restaurant

34 Portman St, Marylebone, London W1H 7BY, UK

+44 20 7224 0028