Jar Kitchen

Enjoy an unparalleled dining experience with fresh British ingredients in a friendly atmosphere.

If you find yourself looking for a restaurant that serves dishes made from farm-to-table, fresh British ingredients, then Jar Kitchen is a perfect choice. Although the restaurant serves at all times of the day, their Saturday Bottomless Brunch is an unmissable experience. The Bottomless Brunch menu offers two and three-course meal options that include breakfast staples like yoghurt and granola, but also cheddar croquettes, sourdough bread topped with avocados, and house-cured Earl Grey Salmon. The dishes' fresh and funky flavours match the restaurant's East London ambience which is designed to complement the picturesque meals. Most of the dishes arrive in jars, an inspiration for the name Jar Kitchen, and when you step inside, you will immediately feel the restaurant's friendly, warm, and inviting atmosphere.

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Jar Kitchen

176 Drury Ln, London WC2B 5QF, UK

+44 20 7405 4255