Chotto Matte

Enjoy a multicultural dining experience at a restaurant that combines the best of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines.

Translated from Japanese to English, Chotto Matte means wait a minute, and this restaurant gives room for pause. Owner and Restaurateur Kurt Zdesar is of Peruvian-Japanese descent, and the restaurant is a beautiful blend of Peruvian and Japanese culture. While the restaurant walls have contemporary anime drawings sketched on them, the bar has a minimalist aesthetic that pays tribute to older Japanese traditions. These two different styles reveal Chotto Matte's commitment to both the past and the future. The menu combines Japanese and Peruvian all-natural, locally sourced ingredients to create a fusion of flavours and cultures, unique to the multicultural city of London. Insiders and locals recommend that if you are not sure what to order, ask a waiter for advice or let them decide for you--they always have the best suggestions.

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Chotto Matte

11 - 13 Frith St, Soho, London W1D 4RB, UK

+44 20 7042 7171