The Palomar


Visit the Palomar for a flavourful fusion of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Israeli cuisine.

The Palomar is a unique dining experience found in London's Soho District. Instead of traditional British fare, however, the restaurant serves the cuisine of modern-day Jerusalem, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. The Head chef, Tomer, was born and raised in Jerusalem, a city that inspires his creations. Flavorful and colourful, each dish is a sensory experience that takes you out of London into the warm and sunny Mediterranean. A stylish and trendy environment, the menu offers plates of veggies, fresh seafood, and traditional Mediterranean dishes. Spice levels vary between recipes, but there is something for every taste bud. The Palomar reflects London's location on the global stage and is a glimpse into London's multicultural scene.

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The Palomar

34 Rupert St, London W1D 6DN, UK

+44 20 7439 8777