The Typing Room

Sample the delights of European cuisine made from local, seasonal ingredients at London's Typing Room.

One place you can find respite from London’s glitz and glamour is the Typing Room, a restaurant with a relaxed, and cosy atmosphere that puts wholesome, pure, and natural ingredients at the centre of every dish. Located in East London, the Typing Room was originally built in 1910, and is named after the building’s original typing room in which all communications from the mayoral, council and judicial system were put to ink. Today, it is host to a quiet, intimate restaurant where Chef Lee Westcott uses the best of local and seasonal British ingredients to create innovative modern European dishes. His cooking has been described as pure, natural and honest, presented in a relaxed atmosphere. With a five course tasting and lunch menu, there is no shortage of options, and the flavours are creative and delicious. The space's former past is preserved in nostalgic, typewriter-print menus with a straightforward presentation. The restaurant itself is a blend of old and new styles that pay homage to contemporary and historical London. 

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The Typing Room

Town Hall Hotel, Patriot Square, London E2 9NF, UK

+44 20 7871 0461