OXO Tower

Appreciate the beauty and artistic community of OXO Tower as you dine in style.

OXO Tower sits beside the river Thames in a busy, artistic community. The bright lights from the tower reflect off the water and the sounds of people talking, laughing, and window shopping creates a music unique to this vibrant area. Originally built in the 1930s as an industrial centre, the tower is now home to galleries, design studios, speciality shops, ever-changing exhibitions, and restaurants with delicious food and stunning riverside views. Works by up-and-coming artists are featured here along with pieces by local artisans and thought-provoking exhibits. Creativity is at the heart of OXO Tower, and there are always new sights, sounds, smells, and adventures to be had in this bustling district.

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OXO Tower

02 Barge House St, London SE1 9GY, UK

020 7021 1686