The Flavoursome Fusions of London Featured

Sample some of London's finest multicultural cuisine at these LUXOS approved restaurants. 

Chotto Matte

Bento Box

Translated from Japanese to English, Chotto Matte means wait a minute, and this restaurant gives room for pause. Owner and Restaurateur Kurt Zdesar is of Peruvian-Japanese descent, and the restaurant is a beautiful blend of Peruvian and Japanese culture. While the restaurant walls have contemporary anime drawings sketched on them, the bar has a minimalist aesthetic that pays tribute to older Japanese traditions. These two different styles reveal Chotto Matte's commitment to both the past and the future. The menu combines Japanese and Peruvian all-natural, locally sourced ingredients to create a fusion of flavours and cultures, unique to the multicultural city of London. Insiders and locals recommend that if you are not sure what to order, ask a waiter for advice or let them decide for you--they always have the best suggestions.

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La Bodega Negra

216083Photography by Neil Wissink

La Bodega Negra in SoHo could be the setting of a noir film. Dark, classy, and with a hint of mystery, this edgy Mexican Restaurant serves dishes full of flavour and spice as well as handcrafted tequila cocktails. Although the building's architecture is in the Tudor style, the food is unique to London's cold climate and recalls the heat of Central America. If you like trying new flavours or testing your spice tolerance, the house made habanero, chipotle, and cascabel hot sauces pair well with any dish. Do not let La Bodega Negra's exterior prevent you from stepping indoors and sampling some of London's best Mexican cuisine.

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The PalomarPhotography by Filippo L'Astorina

The Palomar is a unique dining experience found in London's Soho District. Instead of traditional British fare, however, the restaurant serves the cuisine of modern-day Jerusalem, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. The Head chef, Tomer, was born and raised in Jerusalem, a city that inspires his creations. Flavorful and colourful, each dish is a sensory experience that takes you out of London into the warm and sunny Mediterranean. A stylish and trendy environment, the menu offers plates of veggies, fresh seafood, and traditional Mediterranean dishes. Spice levels vary between recipes, but there is something for every taste bud. The Palomar reflects London's location on the global stage and is a glimpse into London's multicultural scene.

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