Best Bars in Shoreditch

Where the night is always young.

Arriving in Shoreditch on a Saturday night you realise why the area so closely bordering the City still remains the most entertaining side of town. This part of London that is usually associated with nightclubs and hipsters has a lot more to offer and a charm all of its own. Old brick warehouses have been transformed into art galleries, and many buildings have served as famous graffiti artists' canvases. Lately, the neighbourhood has grown into a shopping destination to compete with the traditional spending Meccas of the West End. Independent brands and up’n’coming designer boutiques are muddled together providing hours of endless retail therapy.

Joyeux Bordel

Joyeux Bordel interiorsJoyeux Bordel

This subterranean cocktail bar on Shoreditch's Curtain Road set up by the Experimental Cocktail Group has become the area’s new drinking den. Joyeux Bordel is French for 'happy mess,’ a tribute to the aura of spontaneity and fun. Brace yourself for a mix of experimental cocktails and a good blend of eclectic music with a strong passion for quality vinyls. The venue has a very diverse clientele and welcomes all ages.

LUXOS Recommends: For Mezcal lovers, try the ‘Tommy's Cut:’ a delicious blend of the smokey spirit, agave, lime, sweet vermouth and pink grapefruit

Shoreditch House

London's best rooftop pool is on the 6th floor of this uber popular London members' club of Shoreditch House.  Although private – the converted warehouse is one of Shoreditch’s icons and if you are lucky to be invited as a guest you can enjoy the club spaces. The offer is quite incredible: three restaurants, three bars, gym, games room and spa provide manifest space to work and play. Since establishing itself as a Mecca for the art and media crowd, the House has retained its exclusivity and keeps evolving with other locations across the globe.

LUXOS Recommends: You can't go wrong with the House classic ‘Soho Mule,’ a ginger syrup-based cocktail

Callooh Callay

Callooh CallayCallooh Callay

Moments from Old Street’s bars, Callooh Callay is a hidden gem to explore. Venture inside this beautifully quirky and eccentric venue if you want a different night out. Both the staff and the drinks menu are rotated regularly so you're always guaranteed something exciting and new. With a name taken from Lewis Carroll's nonsense poem ‘Jabberwocky,’ the venue is full of surprises. Don't leave without seeing the JubJub Bar, a hidden room sequestered behind a wardrobe at the back of the lounge.

LUXOS Recommends: If bittersweet is your thing, try ‘the Italian Job.’ Pink grapefruit Belvedere, Suze and lychee liqueur

Lounge Bohemia

Tucked away behind a door on Great Eastern street, Lounge Bohemia is a real find. Think of an unpretentious no suit policy and uniquely stylish space with a touch of owner Paul Tavaroh's Czech homeland. Just add molecular cocktails to a Sixties-looking atmosphere including furniture and accessories and you'll get the magic about a venue that works on a reservations-only basis. Just trust the mixologist's trained hands who will craft a bespoke drink out of the ordinary. Cocktails will be introduced to you by knowledgeable waiters, paired with interesting and inspiring tales. After a few sips you will be taken to a wonderland of tastes.

LUXOS Recommends: Feed Me and Under the Sea are top picks. Be ready for two amazing kinds of vodka: one infused with Szechuan pepper, the other with butterscotch

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Worship Street Whistling Shop

worship street whistling shopWorship Street Whistling Shop

You could call it a modern day version of a grand gin palace, mixing the elegance of a 19th century drinking den with the character of a Victorian slum. The venue stands first in line among the new wave of speakeasy bars offering more than 80 different kinds of gin. The menu is a wheel of flavours combining essential elements with plants and fruits offering a new take on Prohibition cocktails that are prepared with both new and old techniques. For a candlelit private drinking session, you can relax inside the dram shop which is available for bookings of up to 8 people, complete with bespoke creations served from bottles.

LUXOS Recommends: Try Milk and Silk, an original mix of bourbon milk punch base, macerated spices and grains

Black Rock Bar Shoreditch

If you are a fan of whiskey, this is your spot. Connoisseurs Tom Aske and Tristan Stephenson offer a rich cocktail menu and a selection of 250 bottles from all over the world. The main attraction is the sleek five metre-long table made out of an 185-year-old rare English oak which works as an interactive system to age whiskey.  Inside the trunk you can mix two or more spirits to make a unique house blend. Also forget about the traditional paper menu, guests can choose their bottles directly from the cabinet which is organised by flavour profiles.

LUXOS Recommends: Tristan will point out the perfect whiskey for you. Ask for the Clynelish Distillers Edition or The Compass Box Spice Tree.

Beach Blanket Babylon

beach blanket babylonBeach Blanket Babylon

Opened after its Notting Hill sister venue, the bar with its boho New York loft feel is equipped with a restaurant and a clubbing area in the basement. The menu is based on classic fresh British dishes that are updated once a month. No need to say that here you should expect the trendiest and most glamorous crowd Shoreditch can offer, including regular locals.

LUXOS Recommends: The Champagne cocktails are the best. Try the signature Porn Star Martini : vodka blended with juicy passion fruit and vanilla sugar


At Nightjar, a low-lit room welcomes you into a retro atmosphere where you can sip cocktails from different historical eras. Think of exposed brickwork, a tin ceiling, built in brown leather banquette seating, small round tables and even smaller tools. This iconic Prohibition-era speakeasy regularly offers live music events to a diverse crowd for a night out of the ordinary.

LUXOS Recommends: Sipping one of the Prohibition cocktails while watching bartenders at work



A bar within a bar hidden on the first floor of the Bedroom Bar building, this speakeasy-style venue takes its name and party spirit from New Orleans. With dim lights, a blues and jazz soundtrack and a prohibition feel, the venue's vibe is easy without compromising on quality. The well-trained bar staff create a varied selection of Southern-inspired cocktails. The real extra is the cigar terrace outside and spirit fans can attend rum pairing events once every two months.

LUXOS Recommends: New Orleans' finest range such as French 75 and Hurricane

1 Joyeux Bordel
2 Shoreditch House
3 Calloh Callay
4 Lounge Bohemia
5 Worship Street Whistling Shop
6 Black Rock Bar
7 Nightjar
8 Nola