Scoop Parlour, South Kensington Scoop Parlour, South Kensington © Scoop/Facebook

London’s best ice cream parlours

From the dairy free to the perfect artisan gelato, creamiest soft serves and the city’s latest scoop: super-smooth liquid nitrogen ice cream.

You may well know where to score your coffee kick in London, but when it comes to ice cream, do you know where to find the ultimate chill? Well there is certainly no shortage of ice cream eateries in the city, with everything from old school parlours to geeky laboratory style setups and indulgent creamy soft scoops to dairy free gelato. Forget a simple 99 cone, this is ice cream on a whole new gastronomic level and we have found the best flavours to tickle your taste buds...

Deliciously British: The Parlour at Fortnum & Mason

FM-29-08-14-3© Fortnum & Mason

If you’re savouring after a decadent and truly British ice cream experience then The Parlour in Piccadilly’s Fortnum & Mason store is the quintessential option. Take a seat in this beautiful parlour and choose between much-loved childhood classics such as pistachio, raspberry ripple and Fortnum’s mint chocolate, or try one of their more unique flavours including gin and tonic, corn flakes and blood orange. The sundaes are pretty epic too.

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The late night fix: Scoop

Scoop-100 3977Scoop/Facebook

This scrumptious little gelateria has three stores in Soho, Covent Garden and South Kensington and prides itself on its raw natural ingredients, sourced from around the world, which they whip up into the most luxurious gelato daily in their state of the art laboratory. The cocoa is from Ecuador, vanilla from Madagascar and pistachios from Sicily. And the cherry on the top, during August it stays open until midnight – perfect for a late night dessert hit or for a midnight munchies fix. (They also deliver to central London postcodes).

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The authentic Italian experience: Gelatorino
Forget jumping on a plane to Italy, Gelatorino brings the taste of Italy to London, Covent Garden to be precise. The oldest artisanal ice-cream making machines from Italy, and the skilled ‘gelataio’ (ice cream chefs) work together behind the counter to create the most authentic and delicious gelato, made from ingredients from all over Italy. Flavours include chocolate and ginger, biscotti, amaretto and amarena cherry.

The ultimate indulgence: Gelupo


Choosing a flavour of ice cream is a tricky decision, especially when faced with unique options such as amaretti and apricot, salted caramel and pecan and ricotta coffee and honey. But when the gelato and soft serve pack as much flavour as they do at Gelupo, it is hard to decide which should top your cone. The answer is both. Now serving soft serve as well as their renowned gelato, flavour hits don’t get much better than this. Also available at the newly opened Vico, One Cambridge Circus

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The healthy treat: Snowflake Gelato

Snowflake-Gelato-FSnowflake Gelato

If your strict diet regime means indulgent ice cream is off limits, Snowflake Gelato’s Luxury Sorbetto range (fat and dairy free) and Guilt-free range, which has the added plus of no added sugar, is the sweet treat for you. Sorbetto flavours include wild berries, Kiwi and banana and apple and elderflower, which is also available ‘guilt-free’. Traditional gelato, granitas and other sweet treats are also on the menu, for those not watching their waistlines.

Every flavour under the sun: Oddono's Gelati


This gem of a gelateria has been selling its award winning artisan gelato since it opened in 2004 and in that time it has made over 130 flavours - all natural and using only the finest international ingredients. Best sellers include Nocciola (hazelnut), chocolate, Bacio (milky chocolate and hazelnut) and pistachio. For ice cream with a coffee kick, try their delicious affogato – a hot coffee and cold ice cream combo. Sorbet and soya based gelato is also available.

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The contemporary cone: Chin Chin Labs

Chin CHin Labs FBChin Chin Labs

As Europe’s first ever liquid-nitrogen ice cream parlour, Chin Chin Labs really does offer the ice cream lover a new take on the classic. Using liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream mixture faster the result is super smooth delicious ice cream. As you can imagine these gastronomists like to play around with unique flavours and specialities include melon and salted almond, Pondicherry vanilla and burnt-butter caramel.

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A taste of tradition: Marine Ices

Copy-of-Marine Ices 718-copyMarine Ices

Founder of Marine Ices, Gaetano Mansi moved to London from Italy, armed with his family gelati and sorbet recipes, and since 1931 his family have been serving some of the best and most authentic tasting ice cream in London. They still use the same recipes today and favourites include classics banana, chocolate and vanilla.