Hidden behind grand red doors this Chinese establishments feels like stepping into Shanghai of yesteryear. 

Sir John Betjeman famously referred to the historic St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel as “too beautiful and romantic to survive.”

Elegant Japanese small plates and skewers in Central London.

The latest hotspot to join the fine dining club that is Michelin is a nano sushi bar in Mayfair that only a small number of people have experienced.

Known as one of the most invigorating and diverse cities in the world, we would say that 24 hours is not enough time to see what London has to offer. However, if you are limited on time you can still make the most of the big smoke and then some, London is a hub where you can explore unusual museums, get a late night bite, dance until 6am, and delve into a world of culture - all in one day. And we've got you covered. 

London is said to house the largest Chinese New Year celebrations outside of China, hosting to 200,000 something people. The Year of the Dog is set to be quite the celebration and here is what you’ll not want to miss and where you’ll want to be seen.


Right in the heart of Covent Garden, this is a very special place for a French-style London brunch. It’s an offshoot of a well-known New York establishment. Eggs Benedict is a classic here, but there’ll be something to suit all tastes. If you fancy something a bit more rarefied, try the oysters, the caviar, or if you’re sharing, the plateaux de fruits de mer. You’ll want to book ahead, especially on the weekend – it’s popular for a reason. There’s also a boulangerie next door.

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A short walk from Regent’s Park, this stylish spot showcases some of the quirkiest brunches in London. Recent standouts include sweetcorn fritters, Turkish eggs, and seared tuna. There’s avocado on toast of course, and bacon too. But try something different. Alongside a coffee, or even something from the New Zealand-oriented wine list.

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For another quirky brunch style, try Indian. Here you’ll combinations of things you like but hadn’t thought of smashing together, like egg naan, and spicy scrambled eggs. There are also takes on more conventional brunch dishes, with added spice and fresh coriander. The surroundings are elegant and buzzy, and you have to try to hot chai. Book.

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Berber & Q

This East London grillhouse takes brunch in a Middle Eastern direction. That may not be somewhere you’ve been before, but relax – the vibe is very casual – let them take you to another world. Think grilled meat, warm breads and shakshuka, a tomatoey, eggy delight. There’s also the ‘full Israeli,’ a carousel of pittas, tahinis, olives and eggs. Wash it down with a rosemary lemonade or Turkish coffee. Yes, it takes inspiration from lots of different countries. Somehow, it all works.

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This place brings a different chunk of the Mediterranean to the London brunch scene – Greece. Eggs with feta, colourful grilled vegetables, and hot meze: all excellent ways to rid yourself of the stubbornest of sore heads. Then of course there are olives, pittas and spreads to mix into all that. Come with people, it’s all great food for sharing.

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Bottomless brunches have taken London by storm in recent years - just searching the phrase online will throw up hundreds of ideas. They throw a novel slant on the drink-all- you-can concept at KuPP, pairing unlimited beers and cocktails with a Scandinavian smorgasbord. In the middle of a London winter, it will probably be dark by the time you leave...

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