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During the summer, Lisbon tends to be a hotspot for tourists. To enjoy this vibrant, culture-rich city without the crazy crowds, plan for a visit during the springtime.

Stroll through one of Lisbon’s beautiful Botanical Gardens. Lisbon is home to many Botanical Gardens that are best to visit during the spring. The Jardím Botanico da Universidade de Lisboa, is Lisbon’s largest Botanical Garden. Opened in 1870s, Jardím Botanico da Universidade de Lisboa now has thousands of rare and exotic plants. The Jardím Botanico Tropical located in Belem has other plant varieties, and alternatively, there is the Jardím Botanico da Ajuda, which is North of Belem.

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As soon as May begins, so does Bullfighting Season. Get a glimpse of local Lisbon culture by attending a bullfighting match in Campo Pequeno. Campo Pequeno is a bullring designed by José Dias da Silva in the late 1800s and is considered an iconic representation of traditional Neo-Arabic architectural style. Besides bullfights, Campo Pequeno hosts various cultural events throughout the year and functions as a convention centre for the city.


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Discover Lisbon’s urban art scene. While Lisbon is known for its museums, there’s no need to spend the day inside one if you want to view some art. Walking through the streets of Barrio Alto and Saldanha you’ll find phenomenal street art and murals at every corner. Make sure to look for the mosaic piece in Sao Vicente de Fora.

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Eat at a quiosque or an esplanada. Due to the beautiful weather, during the spring months, eating a quiosque or esplanada is the norm. A quiosque is a small round building located in a square or garden, where historically politicians and the upperclass met up to socialize and shared drinks or meals. Quiosques and esplanadas were architectural concepts developed during the Art Nouveau period of the 1860s in Portugal. What better way to enjoy a traditional Portuguese meal, than at a quiosque?

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Attend a festival. Every spring, between March and May, Lisbon hosts a variety of festivals, including music festivals, art festivals, film festivals, anything and everything—locals in Lisbon love celebrating. At the Edward VII Park located in the city center is the Lisbon Book Fair. This book fair is part of the city’s annual tradition that dates back to the 1930s. During May, Edward VII Park becomes a lively area filled with book stalls where you can find vintage first edition books, comics, and any genre of literature in Portuguese. In case you aren’t interested in books, there are many more popular festivals that happen throughout the spring each year, such as the MONSTRA Animated Film Festival or the ArcoLisboa Art Festival.

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