Light up your Lisbon trip with some aromatic candles at Caza das Vellas Loreto

Walk into a Roald Dahl book in reality, Chocolataria Equador is your Willy Wonka in Lisbon

Buy the feeling of being wrapped around in comfort and 100% wool at CHIcoração, Lisbon

Hidden in a charming park in Lisbon, Sapataria do Carmo is your next favourite shoe store.

Making everything beautiful and in porcelain since 1824, Vista Alegre is your go-to kitchenware store

The embodiment of the Portuguese lifestyle lays deep in fashion, and JANS Concept tries its best to interpret.

Selling wines made from every corner of Portugal, Mercearia do Vinho keeps its commitment to bringing only the good Portuguese bottles.

Here at A Outra Face da Lua, timelessness is the key and vintage is the theme

At A Arte da Terra, preserve and promote Portugal’s cultural heritage is the mission

Don't bother asking what Armazem Geral sells. Good time? vintage items? The owners will be sure to show you the Lisbon life.