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The city of Lisbon is home to some of the best restaurants in Portugal. If you’re in search of restaurants that specialise in fusion cuisine and playful flavours, or if you’re simply hungry for something less traditional, check out these international dining options.

Clube de Jornalistas

Enter through the famous green door, and you’ll find yourself in a restaurant like no other. Clube de Jornalistas is a Mediterranean restaurant in an 18th century family mansion. Its dynamic dining space filled with typewriters, and its quirky surf & turf menu add to a one-of-kind experience. Their moto says it all: “Food with intention prepared with emotion.” Be sure to try one of Clube de Journalistas’ unique ice cream flavours, which include Pennyroyal, Eucaluptus, Basic, Cheese, and Moscatel.

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Paralelo 45

This wine lounge and delicatessen, with a menu praised for its creativity and finesse is located in the heart of Lisbon near the famous Avenida da Liberdade. Started by two French chefs, Paralelo 45 specialises primarily in French cuisine with Portuguese influence. They offer a large variety of European wines paired with a the highest-quality cheeses and charcuterie. Indulge in appetizers and gourmet dishes such as Cromesqui de Camembert A.O.P. and red onion jam in an elegant and modern yet unpretentious setting.

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A Cevicheria

In the mood for Peruvian seafood? A Cevicheria is undoubtedly the best place to get ceviche in Lisbon. For the optimal dining experience, request to sit at the counter where you’ll be able to witness the artistry of the chefs as they prepare each dishes. Considering its large menu, featuring gazpacho, salmon ceviche, octopus, and sea quinoto, many guests opt to ordering multiple items to share in order to taste the variety of flavours.

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Santa Clara dos Cogumelos

For any foodie visiting Lisbon, Santa Clara dos Cogumelos is certainly one of the best dining options in town. Even for strict vegetarians, there is an abundance of mouth-watering choices. Santa Clara dos Cogumelos is a gastronomical fusion restaurant with heavy influence from Italian cuisine. Highly-complimented is the slow-cooked eggs with truffles—everything in this restaurant has some form of mushroom, even the desserts.

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Cultura do Hamburguer

As its name suggests, Cultura do Hamburguer is well-known for its artisan hamburgers and pregos (steak sandwiches) made with the freshest ingredients. People in search for an Instagram-worthy photo should definitely stop in for a bit to eat, as not only is the food delicious, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing, especially the multi-coloured hamburger buns. A popular option is the Sexy Beach Burger, which features fried cheese, crabmeat sauce, wasabi mayonnaise, and of course a beef patty, served on a black bun. Don’t hesitate to come to Cultura do Hamburguer if you love hamburgers!

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