The Best Wellness Centres in Istanbul
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Relax and rejuvenate at the best wellness centres in Istanbul.

Treat Yourself in Marrakech
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Let’s not forget that this is your holiday and although it’s so incredibly tempting to rush around the city, arousing all of your senses with everything there is to see, eat and do, you should also remember to take some time out for yourself and sit back, relax and enjoy. So, we’ve put together a few places here that you must visit in order to experience a true ritual here.

Heavenly Hamams in Istanbul
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The Turkish Hamam is an important part of it's inhabitant's culture. Developed as a place to relax and cleanse that was inherited from the Roman's in design, however adapted with Turkish delights (not the sweetened kind!). LUXOS takes you on a tour of Istanbul's best Hamam spas.

Spas around the World
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Take a break from traversing the globe, and relax at one of these exquisite spas.

Parc Monceau
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Stroll through history at this lovely flower-lined Parisian park.

Relax, Rejuvenate and Refresh in Barcelona
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Treating yourself to a day of rest and relaxation is often much needed, especially during a vacation in a city as busy as Barcelona.

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Travel off the beaten path and spend your weekend in Paris like a local with these hidden luxuries. 

Dr Hauschka
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Where to go to beat the winter blues in Paris and get your glow back.

A Healthy Escape for The Mind and Body
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Get away from the urban jungle to relax and refresh.