The Best Wellness Centres in Istanbul Featured

Relax and rejuvenate at the best wellness centres in Istanbul.

by Naomi Vakharia

Traveling can take its toll on even the most experienced globetrotter. When you’re flying from city to city it can be exhausting and can leave you needing a moment or two to rejuvenate. As it is the place where the hammam originated, we don’t have a doubt that the practice of relaxation is perfected in Istanbul. With such a large city, we narrowed down some of the best places to unwind when experiencing Istanbul.

Divan Istanbul

The Divan Istanbul Wellness Centre is simply divine. It offers a plethora of luxurious amenities ranging from Olympic-sized pool to saunas and luxurious jacuzzi. Additionally, guests have the option of indulging in facial and massage treatments which takes relaxation to the next level. The centre is private and calm, with cerulean blue tiles and ceramic detailing that create a tranquil environment.

Divan Hotel

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Fraser Place Anthill Istanbul

From yoga to pilates, Fraser Place Anthill Istanbul offers guests a variety of exercise machines, fitness programs, and aerobic classes that allow you to stay in shape while traveling. This centre has it all- even for the young ones. With an indoor ski slope and an outdoor playground, this hotel makes sure to provide amenities for everyone to stay active.

Fraser Hotel

The Galata Hotel Mgallery

What’s better than a Turkish bath? Relaxing in a historical hammam that dates back to the 18th century. ‘Çeşme Hamamı’ was built in the 1720s by Grand Admiral Kaymak Mustafa Pasha and was used as a bath house for centuries. It continues the tradition of Turkish water therapy and provides a luxurious, cultural experience for its guests and visitors.

Hamam galata

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The Sofa Hotel

The Sofa Hotel redefines relaxation. Not only does it provide hammams and Turkish rituals like the Sultan special which mimics the rejuvenation routine of the ancient Sultans- a Turkish style scrub followed by a soap cleansing- but it has other cultural experiences. From Indian Ayurvedic massages to traditional Balinese treatments to a modern Swedish experience, this centre has it all.

sofa hotel

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