When Old Is New Again in Istanbul Featured

Rich history feels new for everyone who travels to Istanbul.

by Lisa Morrow

Istanbul, a happening city where East meets West, has everything you need for your next culture fix. Ancient architecture and modern design collaborate to bring you a fascinating city full of adventure.

Istanbul Modern

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Located in Beyoğlu while a new Renzo Piano designed building is erected, Istanbul Modern has been presenting modern contemporary art for 15 years. They regularly feature multi-disciplinary work combining static pieces, video and photography, and architecture and design exhibits in collaboration with institutions MOMA and Centre Pompidou.

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Sancaklar Mosque

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Sancaklar Mosque’s stone walls and surface amphitheatre layout suggest an ancient archaeological site. Underground, modern concrete forms create a cave-like space for prayer and contemplation. Completed in 2012, Sancaklar is an awe-inspiring, understated tribute to the constant tension of the manmade and the natural, and our place in between.

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Theodosius Cistern

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Hidden under busy streets, this elegant 5th century water depot built by Emperor Theodosius was lost for centuries. Obscured by houses and offices, it reopened to the public in 2018. Inside, 32 marble columns shimmer with a brilliant gleam, cleverly reflecting the colour and movement of installations, exhibitions and cultural events.


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