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Engadine Bad Scuol

In Scuol, the spring’s the thing, where 25 sources produce mineral waters at an altitude of 1,250 metres relaxing you to the fullest extent.

by Carla Drysdale

At the Engadine Bad Scuol, melt away mountaineering muscle soreness in the nudist Roman-Irish baths, a three-hour experience with 16 different stations. Local artist Steivan Liun Könz has created a dreamy atmosphere with works in stucco, ceramics and glass. The spa contains six indoor and outdoor pools, steam room, solarium, sauna and fitness centre. Seven types of massage are also offered.

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Bogn Engiadina Scuol (BES) SA

Via dals Bogns 323 PO Box 57 7550 Scuol

+41(0)81 861 26 00

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