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Cappadocia: A Guide

The land of fairy chimneys and legends. 


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Don’t say we didn’t warn you: Cappadocia is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. There’s so much beauty in this unusual topography that you may well feel as if you’d landed on another planet. That’s because the eerie rock formations are even more fascinating when coupled with the history of ancient dwellings in the region. The natural pinnacles that give the landscape its magical character are aptly called ‘fairy chimneys.’ The best time to visit ‘the land of beautiful horses’ is in spring or fall, but winter also has its charms when the chimneys are covered in snow.

museum hotel cappadocia 05Museum Hotel Cappadocia 

Where To Stay: Hotels That Are As Extraordinary As The Landscape

Argos in Cappadocia

Argos is among the pioneering luxury hotels that put Cappadocia on the luxury traveller’s map. Located on the site of an ancient monastery, the hotel consists of 51 carefully restored rooms, some of them with private cave pools, underground tunnels and beautiful views of Mount Erciyes.

The Museum Hotel

A unique experience is offered by the only Relais & Chateaux member hotel in Turkey. With 34 exquisite rooms furnished with antiques, this award-winning gem of a hotel gives you a sense of responsible luxury with its emphasis on solar power and its ecological garden.

The House Hotel

Set in a complex of ancient caves and stone houses in Ortahisar, the House Hotel Cappadocia offers 45 rooms, each with its own character. The view from the rooftop is amazing, and so is the hotel’s 350 square-metre spa facility. 

Fresko Lokanta 1The House Hotel

Le Maisons de Cappadoce

French architect Jacques Avizou came to Cappadocia in the 1990s and fell in love with the land. He began restoring a house for himself and his passion grew into a mesmerizingly beautiful boutique hotel, with 7 suites and 7 houses that can accommodate 4-7 people.

Where To Eat: Regional, Turkish and international recipes in Cappadocia’s unique setting


The owners are a jewellery designer and a jazz musician, and the venue was named after their beloved Airedale Terrier. Ziggy’s is an evocative bar/restaurant that will make you feel right at home in Cappadocia. The chef serves a variety of traditional and contemporary Turkish mezes inspired by local cuisine. 



What used to be an old village coffeehouse near the Uçhisar Fortress is now a wonderful fine-dining restaurant of Elai, with a wide selection of international dishes as well as local favourites. 

Hanımeli Restaurant

If stuffed grape leaves and lentil balls are the sort of things that you find inspiring, you should visit this local family-run eatery where regional food is cooked the way it should be.

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What To Do - Different Ways of Exploring and Sightseeing

ATV outings

Organise for rental ATVs through HTR on your trip, grab your wine and go to the Red Valley to watch the sunset.

atv tour cappadocia activitiesRiding into the Sunset at Red Valley

Underground cities

The region has a wealth of ancient cities, churches and cave dwellings. Of the 36 ancient cities in Cappadocia, Derinkuyu is the deepest, Kaymaklı is the widest.

Mountain biking & trekking

So many opportunities for getting out into the natural environment. Ihlara Valley and Love Valley, accessible from the Göreme Open-Air Museum, are especially beautiful.


Cappadox takes place in May every year. It is a festival that combines music, art, yoga and the culinary arts.

Balloon rides

sunrise balloon trips in cappadociaSunrise Balloon ride over Cappadocia

A must-have experience to see the amazing landscape. Safety is as important as luxury so book a flight at Royal Balloon or Tours for Turkey, a company that has the right credentials as well as offering champagne and breakfast.

1 Derinkuyu
2 Kaymaklı
3 Ziggys
4 Elai
5 Hanımeli
6 Argos in Cappadocia
7 The Museum Hotel Cappadocia
8 The House Hotel
9 Tourist Hotel & Resort Cappadocia