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Best of dining and shopping in Istanbul

Sophisticated restaurants add extra culinary pleasure to the shopping experience at Istanbul’s luxury malls

Restaurants sprinkle the aisles of Istanbul's luxury malls at every turn. Stop by any one of these eateries for a surely delectable meal.

Zorlu Center - Morini


There is a chic New York implant inside Beymen Zorlu Center. Madison Avenue’s Ristorante Morini have opened a branch in Istanbul, bringing their authentic Italian cuisine of award-winning flavours. You can sit inside at the restaurant, or outside on the terrace behind the Beymen shoe section. Happy hours are packed at the terrace, especially at the weekend, and though the menu is brief, each dish is absolutely delicious.

Tom’s Kitchen

2013112513850475  MG 5943Tom's Kitchen

Tom’s Kitchen Istanbul is the first international outpost of the successful Tom’s Kitchen restaurants based in London. Located on the ground floor of Zorlu Center, the restaurant serves comfort food favourites in a relaxed and informal environment, from breakfast to dinner. In addition to the indoor restaurant area, Tom’s Kitchen Istanbul also offers two outside areas to enjoy the same menu al fresco.

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İstinye Park - Gigi


Gigi is like the lovechild of Zen and burlesque: a truly French brasserie drenched in pink and decorated with a Japanese touch. With lots of decorative items such as mirrors, roses, birdcages, and small tables for mingling, Gigi exudes Parisian charm. From the French-inspired menu, order a Chateaubriand and definitely a few Rosettes, Gigi’s signature vodka, rosé wine, blueberry juice and rose jam cocktail.

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The heart of Istinye Park beats at Masa, the expansive cafe/restaurant in the middle of the open-air shopping area in the mall, also known as Brands Street. The terrace at Masa is the place to be on warm summer evenings, where you can sip your drink and watch luxury shoppers come and go.

Emporio Armani Ristorante

Armani-Ristorante-2Emporio Armani Ristorante

Located on the second floor of the Emporio Armani boutique on Brands Street, the Ristorante is the place to go if you’re craving some risotto or pasta. One of the best Italian restaurants in the city, Emporio Armani Ristorante is perfect for business lunches with impeccable food and service.

Kanyon - Gina


Gina is probably the most popular business lunch and dinner venue in Kanyon. Serving a menu of delectable Italian dishes, Gina has been bustling with the chic crowd since the day it opened on the top floor of the mall. It has a superb location at the entrance of Harvey Nichols, and a great selection of Italian wines.



The latest addition to the Kanyon dining scene is also one of the hottest spots in Istanbul. After Topaz Restaurant in Gümüşsuyu and Colonie in Karaköy, owners Gülin and Yücel Özalp imagined an urban brasserie that is as vibrant in the morning as it is at night. Whether for a shopping break or a nice long dinner, Escale offers a delicious menu of Italian, Turkish and French dishes in a sophisticated ambience.