Local Finds in Istanbul Featured

Visit these stores and bring a piece of Turkey back home. 

by Hande Oynar

Let's say it: some of the best shopping is done when on the road, especially when they are local finds that cannot be found anywhere else. From home interior to elegant coffee cups and intricate jewellery, Istanbul is a city you will hardly leave empty handed. 

RB Living

With interior designer Rezzan Benardete at the helm, the impressive team at RB Living shares all kinds of inspiring objects they've collected from around the world in their showroom. Souvenirs they bring back from their travels, books they read, movies they watch all go into the new ideas they bring forth in their designs. RB Living hosts get-togethers with local and international designers, photographers and artists, does concept parties and designs customised furniture and living spaces.

rb living

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Selamlique coffee cups

Looking for the best treat from Turkey to show off at your dinner parties back at home? Look no further: serving coffee in these elegant coffee cups by Selamlique will do the trick. Turkish coffee is easy to make and pretending to read the coffee grounds is even easier. If that doesn't work out, you can always have your espresso in these cups – à la turca.

selamalique istanbul

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Evil eye jewellery

They are everywhere. Hanging in the stalls in the Grand Bazaar or sitting pretty on the tables of the street vendors, the evil eyes are watching you to protect you from harm. Walk into any jewellery shop in Turkey and we guarantee you will find a piece adorned with one. But if you're in the market for something a little more special, check out Kismet by Milka stores in Bebek and Nişantaşı.

Evil eye

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