Where to find juice bars in Istanbul © Juico Istanbul

Where to find juice bars in Istanbul

The cold-pressed juice scene has seriously exploded the world over. In Istanbul get your health kick at one of these fresh new juice bars. 

One trend that is starting to blossom is cold-pressed juice. In fact, juicing isn’t exactly a new practice in Istanbul. As you wander around the city, you’ll often stumble upon weathered men standing behind large, wooden handcarts overflowing with oranges and pomegranates. In the middle will be one solitary juicer; as soon as you order a glass (preferably of an orange and pomegranate mix), he methodically cracks open the fruit and swiftly pulls down the juicer’s handle, leaving you with a paper cup full of pulpy goodness.

Cold-pressed juicing, though, uses a newer technology, where the crushed fruits and vegetables are placed in a hydraulic juice press, which then slowly extracts all the juice with none of the pulp. This juice—referred to interchangeably as green juice because it often features vegetables in addition to fruit—takes juicing to another level. And it’s taking Istanbul by storm. Here we list the green juice companies that are the cream of the Istanbul crop.


Juico was established by Sedef Dördüncü and Deniz Derman, two Turkish women who both returned to Turkey after working in finance in the States. With their individual juices being sold at five different locations in Istanbul, Juico has the largest reach out of all the new cold-pressed juice companies. They have one standalone store in Kanyon, a mall located right off the Levent metro stop, that sells small and large juices and other healthy treats.

Individual juices, like their refreshing ‘Pink juice’ (lemon, ginger, strawberry and watermelon), are also sold at the Urban Spinners studio in Maslak, the Four Seasons Bosphorus in Beşiktaş, and at two restaurants: Lucca in Bebek and Cantinery at the Zorlu Center in Zincirlikkuyu. If you’d prefer to purchase a juice cleanse, which start at 79 TL for six bottles of juice a day, Juico also offers delivery service. www.juico.com.tr


JUS-cleanse-1-101c8b6fd90756a038155c7ff1970a06© JÜS

Founded by Aylin Erman in 2014, JÜS offers delivery service for detox cleanses and recently opened a storefront in Cihangir. What sets JÜS apart from its competitors is its dedication to only producing juice of the highest quality, which means unpasteurised, undiluted and made with all the organic produce they can get their hands on. Erman, who runs the shop with her business partner Mortiz Marwein, has been juicing for over a decade, and her passion for cold-pressed juice as part of a more holistic approach to healthy living is infectious.

You can purchases individual juices, packaged in eco-friendly glass bottles, at the Cihangir store—the Down Easy, made of grape, carrot, cabbage and lemon is particularly delicious—in addition to smoothies and other healthy snacks. They also sell one-day cleanses, which contain six bottles of juice, starting at 92 TL, and are happy to consult with customers who want to create their own cleanse. www.jusistanbul.com

JUICE Los Angeles

LA-Juice-© JUICE Los Angeles

Although they’re known for delivering both individual juices and cleanses almost anywhere in Istanbul (and even outside the city), JUICE Los Angeles has opened a shop in the Nişantaşı neighbourhood this July.

It’s also possible to pick up your juice at their kitchen in Istiniye if their delivery hours don’t suit your schedule or you’re located in one of the rare places they don’t deliver. Their cleanses start at 72 TL for six bottles of juice per day. www.juice.la