Top 5 Photo Spots in Hong Kong Featured

Where to capture the essence of Hong Kong.

by Lavinia Pisani

If you made it to Hong Kong for Art Basel this year, it means your passion for art and culture knows no boundaries. Whether this is your first, or 10th, time visiting one of the most exciting cities in Asia, the number of images to collect never seem to be enough. We understand. Offering so many unique angles and observation points to watch life go by in the frenetic city in southeastern China, mapping the best photo spots to go to may not be as intuitive as one would think. So here is a list of some of our favourite places to go for incredible photos when in town.

The Peak

There is a reason for classic to be classics. Rising high above the Hong Kong island, The Peak is- hands down- the best place for you to frame the beautiful skyline that this city has to offer. If you still believe New York City’s skyline has no competitors across the globe, go here and think twice. Hopefully, the sky will offer the perfect lighting and backdrop for your postcard version of Hong Kong; However, any day will make this an attraction worth having also thanks to the peak tram ride that will take you to the top of the steep hill for an elevation of just under 400 meters.

hong kong peak luxos


Victoria Harbour

If you don’t have the time to go high above the city for a bird’s-eye-view from the peak, know you are missing out and that you will have to make it there eventually. But for now, a valid alternative is to keep it to sea level and step on one of the many ferries that leave from Victoria Harbour to go to Hong Kong’s island. This offers you the opportunity to admire the imposing skyscrapers from below and possibly catch the Symphony of Lights show.

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A rush of people, a maze of colours, a gazillion of signs, welcome to Mong Kong the neighborhood that in Cantonese translates into the “crowded corner.” This part of the city is every street photographer's playground with its vibrant atmosphere and ordinary chaos that is so characteristic of Mongkok. From malls and restaurants to street food and markets, one could easily spend a whole day in the area snapping food shots and people at the Ladies market bargaining for clothes and accessories.

steven wei 124689 unsplash 1


Escalators, restaurants and bars. These are the three words that first come to mind when thinking about the bustling area that seem to attract so many visitors and residents particularly at night. Wyndham Street is the street to see-and-be-seen especially if you are in a party mood. Photographers should come here to socialize and capture candids of people mingling and having fun.

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The Big Buddha

Tian Tan at the Ngong Ping Plateau is one of the largest seated Buddha in the world. Entirely made of bronze, this is a must-see attraction. Climbing to the top of the 268 steps to the Big Buddha not only gives you the chance to catch your breath but also offer a stunning view over the green hills of Lantau Country Park and beyond. There is more. The way to get from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping Village is with the cable car that rides for about 20 minutes providing some of the most beautiful views of Lantau Island and beyond, as far as the South China Sea.

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