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The Beauty of Pampering Featured

As Christmas is approaching, so is the holiday stress, therefore, there is no better time to do some pampering during this winter season. 

by Sara Kaufman

Long work hours, Christmas parties, chilly weather that dries up the skin and stiffens the body… Everything calls for full body beauty treatments. The best thing to do would be to hit a spa, switch off the phone and unwind, but when this isn’t possible, high-quality beauty brands come to our rescue with a wide range of products that keep you feeling good in your skin throughout the cold season. 


You have work to finish and you haven’t even started? Your child has caught head lice? Still no plans for New Year’s Eve? Your mother-in-law is coming to visit? All this translates into one word: stress. Add daily fatigue and you get the perfect recipe for unhealthy skin in (50) shades of grey. Nothing does the trick like relaxation. Clarins, whose expertise in spa treatments goes back decades, created Huile Relax, a body oil made from sour orange, geranium, basil and chamomile that distends the skin and releases all tensions (including the one from the imminent visit of your mother-in-law!). Massaging it all over the body, focusing particularly on stiff areas, soothes body and mind. Take a tip from the French belles: take it easy.


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Didn’t bother removing your makeup? Indulged in junk food? Dirt and toxins layer on the skin preventing it from regenerating: not good! What you need is a head-to-toe detox. Caudalie sources raw materials directly from French vineyards, true beauty allies thanks to their anti-oxidant and hydrating properties. The Crushed Cabernet scrub is a professional product used in Caudalie’s Vinothérapie® Spas, grape seeds and six essential oils leave the skin soft and silky. For the face, start with the Deep Cleansing Exfoliator that purifies the skin and refines its texture, then continue with the Instant Detox Mask that helps bring stressed, city-dwelling skin back to life. Caudalie products can be purchased online and in the brand’s spa-boutiques worldwide. They also come in travel sizes and can easily fit in your cabin bag if you’re travelling for leisure or, better still, for business and you’d rather not highlight the fact that you almost drank what felt like the whole French vineyard at dinner.

SPA Entrance

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Hydrate and moisturise 

Moisturising is the new black. Dry skin automatically turns into wrinkles and loses tone: a catastrophe that we’d rather postpone. The good news is that moisturising is fun: it gives a nice soothing feeling and has immediate benefits. Alien – Crème Corps Sublimatrice by Clarins has a rich texture which intensely nourishes the body and boosts radiance thanks to the Radiance Beautifying Complex. Caudalie’s Premier Cru The Rich Cream is the "crème de la crème" for dry skin and it delivers the ultimate anti-ageing action. Caudalie also provides on-the-go hydration with its Grape Water mist, which refreshes the skin at any time of the day.


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Facial luxury

The beauty of Korean women is immediately associated with ethereal, flawless, youthful skin at all ages. Yeah, well, lucky them. Non-Korean women might as well take a page from their book (or a peek in their bathroom cabinet) and treat themselves with Sulwhasoo, the luxury Korean beauty brand that recently opened its first European corner store at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Sulwhasoo has an holistic approach to beauty and one miracle ingredient: ginseng. The Snowise Brightening Serum helps bring out a translucent youthful glow for firmer-looking skin with the brightening components of white ginseng, while the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX cares for comprehensive signs of aging for healthier-looking skin.

Caudalie HK Spa 2 

Stock your beauty case and enjoy some high quality me-time.


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