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Hong Kong: A Guide To The Tai Hang District

Discover a neighbourhood village uphill in Hong Kong, with our LUXOS guide.

by Chris Tsai

Often overshadowed by its neighbouring district Causeway Bay, a shopping mecca where the rents for retail businesses have officially overtaken New York’s Fifth Avenue, Tai O nonetheless deserves a moment’s attention. The place of origin of Hong Kong’s last remaining customs that provide a glimpse into its fisherman’s heritage, Tai O is also very much an up-and-coming area.

A local icon

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On the ceiling of Lin Fa Temple is a fresco featuring a fire dragon, which has historically been a symbol of protection for the Tai Hang people. The intricate hexagonal structure, completed in 1846, is a Grade I Historic Building.

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Memory lane

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From pre-war Chinese-style villas to fishermen’s stone houses that used to border the waterfront before drastic reclamation sent Tai Hang further inland, a walk down the small streets and alleys in Tai Hang provides insights into Hong Kong’s history.

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But Tai Hang is far from being just a historic district. There are plenty of places where you can wine, dine and mingle, from contemporary European restaurant Bond, local brewery Second Draft, Japanese favourites such as Sushi Shin, and the Vietnamese Café Locomotive.

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Where to Dine and Drink


Classified Tai Hang 2

Cheeses get their own little party at Classified during happy hour, which does not focus just on the drinks. At weekends, look no further for the best Egg Benedict – the stuff that makes a perfect Sunday morning is right here.

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The Pudding Nouveau

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Sweet and savoury waffles keep ‘em coming back for more at this eatery where brunch dishes with a nod to Belgian tradition and Hong Kong-style café favourites are served on the same menu.

Lab Made

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This liquid nitrogen ice-cream laboratory creates your order on the spot in its open-style setup that lets you witness the magic of science. Go for creative flavours like caramel custard or pandan leaf.

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