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Hong Kong's Fishing Villages Featured

Explore Hong Kong's vibrant fishing history, with some exceptional things to do and places to visit.

by Chris Tsai & Mike Lou

What to do when you only have a day off in Hong Kong? The ‘Fragrant Harbour, refers not only to Victoria Harbour, but also to its history as a fishing community, well worth seeing and savouring.

Visit a fishing village

fishing village hong kong

Lantau Island is a great place to see a more idyllic side of Hong Kong. Venture beyond the popular tourist attractions like the Tian Tan Buddha and Disneyland Resort, to the other side of the island where fishing communities such as Tai O are located.

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Try local seafood


It is one of those scenes that you will remember for a long time after your visit: rows and rows of aquariums containing live seafood that you can purchase and have it prepared on the spot before you head inside the restaurant.

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Go south

shek o beach leo wan

If you don’t have time to island-hop, the south side of Hong Kong makes a great getaway too. Choose between touristy Stanley, posh Repulse Bay, family-friendly Shek O Beach or Aberdeen, Hong Kong’s pre-colonial fishing establishment.

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