Personalised shopping in Hong Kong and Shanghai

Top tips on personalized experiences in shopping and eating in Hong and Shanghai.

Tired of the same old business trip to Hong Kong and Shanghai? Looking for a memorable travel experience in these frantic cities? Look no further than our recommendations for a personalized experience. Escape from the crowd and set yourself apart at the following luxury pitstops for fashion, footwear, watches, jewellery and of course, cuisine..

Fit like a glove

Having a suit tailor-made for you is ideal if you always have to wear one for business, or if you simply love Italian tailoring. Head to any Brioni boutique in Hong Kong and China, and have a master tailor create your made-to-measure garment. For Brioni, a suit is not just an outfit; it is a piece of clothing that you can literally ‘live in’ (inferred by the meaning of the Italian word for suit, ‘abito’).

Having your suit made by Brioni is not just about getting your measurements taken. The tailor will consider your posture, lifestyle and cultural background, combining them with the brand’s renowned tailoring, exclusive materials and design. You can even have your entire wardrobe created made-to-measure.

Giuseppe Zanotti Design’s inimitable bejewelled or ‘fish bone’ designs are popular among fashionable ladies in Hong Kong and China, where the boutiques carry a wide selection of evening, bridal, executive, party and resort collections. Why not go for the brand’s tailor-made services if you are looking for the perfect wedding shoes or something that reflects your personal style?

To create your very own footwear, call the boutique for an appointment, where your precise measurements will be taken and you can choose from an array of beautiful styles and materials. Giuseppe Zanotti Design’s expert craftsmen in Italy will make your shoes to your requirements and send them to your mailing address. Be patient though, because a minimum of three months is required to receive your dream shoes.

Timing is everything
Instead of carrying a photo of your loved ones in your wallet, how about having it enamelled onto your Reverso watch? At Jaeger-LeCoultre, you can bring your idea to the boutique, whether it’s the portrait of your child or the emblem of your jockey club, and have your timepiece personalized. Alternatively, you can have a 2-letter initial engraved on a Reverso watch on a complementary basis within three months of your purchase. Engraving and enamelling are a classic art form that are meant to last for a long time. You do want to be sure that whatever you choose – a date or a picture – has a truly significant meaning for you before having the permanent craftsmanship performed on your watch.

If you are a bona fide Jaeger-LeCoultre collector and are planning to make several purchases at its 1881 Heritage, you can call in advance to book the VIP room or enquire about VIP shopping services.

You will find a very wide range of jewellery, timepieces and a knowledgeble staff in Piaget’s Hong Kong and China boutiques. All the boutiques have a VIP room and some even have a bar, where you can relax with a flute of champagne and shop. At Piaget, not only can you have engravings or enamelling on a watch, you can even design your very own high jewellery piece.

Call ahead and make an appointment at the boutique to talk about the type of stones, the carats and cuts that you are looking for. Piaget scouts the gems according to your requirements. Once the right stones are found, design can begin. You can provide your input while Piaget’s team of gemologists, designers, master craftsmen and experts considers not only aesthetics, but also the technicalities involved. This high jewellery service is available all year round so why wait till Christmas for your present?

Eat, drink and be merry

The Peninsula Shanghai’s chef table at Yi Long Court is for you if you love Chinese food, but do not want to be overwhelmed by a menu with hundreds of dishes in it. Just tell the chef what you like and he will make what you love. Your culinary journey starts with a chauffeured Rolls-Royce ride to the hotel.

Take a seat in Yi Long Court’s VIP dining room and see the culinary team in action through a glass window. Some examples of the delicacies they can create include traditional steamed turbot fillet; poached sliced beef served with spicy soy sauce; Cantonese-style roasted Qing Yuan chicken; coddled season’s vegetables with eggs in thick broth; fried rice with egg white, crab meat and ham. All this good food comes with the hotel tea master’s recommendations or the award-winning sommelier Yang Lu’s wine suggestions. The chef table at Yi Long Court is truly a foody’s heaven.

Take a tea break while you are shopping in the Gateway in Kowloon, Hong Kong or at Plaza 66 in Shanghai. If you love tea, then you may already know tea brand Fook Ming Tong. For years, it has been reviving China’s lost traditions of tea-planting and collecting techniques. Traditional Anxi Tie Guan Yin, Shifeng Pre-qingming Long Jing and premium jasmine tea are unique to Fook Ming Tong.

You can go to its boutiques for tastings or call in advance for an appointment. The knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right tea according to your preference and lifestyle. Tea has been the ideal, ‘healthy’ gift for decades among the Chinese people. At the boutique, you can also pair your choice of tea with China's famous Yixing or Zisha teasets for the perfect souvenir to bring home.