As Christmas is approaching, so is the holiday stress, therefore, there is no better time to do some pampering during this winter season. 

April, despite being the start of spring, is synonymous for its rainy weather and Hong Kong is prone to a thunderstorm or two. However rain doesn't mean your day needs to be spent at home - get out and make the most of the city at its favoured indoor spots.

National Geograhic hosts a compelling exhibit showcasing the beauty of the world and the need to protect it.

Hong Kong provides the ideal balance for those who are seeking the commodity and comfort of a metropolitan city while also finding charming getaways that will undoubtedly create amazing memories to be shared by you and your loved ones.


Join Breguet's musical support at the Celebration of Excellence.

Discover a neighbourhood village uphill in Hong Kong, with our LUXOS guide.

Explore Hong Kong's vibrant fishing history, with some exceptional things to do and places to visit.

If you're in Hong Kong and are looking for something more than shopping and dining, why not attempt one of these awe inspiring hikes for the most amazing views your eyes may ever see.

Anyone can shop and dine, but to do it the most memorable way possible in Hong Kong takes some research. True, you could go straight to Michelin-starred restaurants or have your hotel concierge find a personal shopper, but if you are up to a new experience without venturing too far from your comfort zone, we’ve got something just for you. 

Don't miss the unique experience in Hong Kong and Macau.