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 How Sasha Young is leading the industry into a new era

by LUXOS Editorial

Sasha Young had been working as a stockbroker in Hong Kong when she had a change of heart and decided to go into design. She came across the city’s last remaining ceramic painting atelier and, during her visit, she realised that her grandparents commissioned this exact shop to create their wedding china so many years ago. This was probably nothing but a coincidence, however it lead her to found Wright & Smith, the name of which is a tribute that means artisan and maker.

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Through her company, Young is redefining the concept of handmade goods, so much so that her merchandise is instead referred to as artisanal luxury.

There is an intrinsic value in these goods, despite this, in order to preserve their position it is critical to keep the products current. It is a legacy that if lost, the world as a whole will be poorer because it will lose part of its history and skillset.

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What it all means

Young believes that craftsmanship is about more than just handmade goods. It is about technique and quality, otherwise a macaroni necklace made by a child would qualify. This philosophy extends to the brands that Young partners with to create even more lines of high end dishes, furniture, textiles, and so on. These include Cumbria Crystal, Jupe by Jackie, Sibast Furniture and R L Foote Studio, which all express the same values that have come to underline their partnerships with Wright & Smith. This is how Young honors the many generations before hers that used the same methods to create beautiful things.

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In the market

The segmentation of this industry is difficult, for the value the same goods that were made and sold centuries ago somehow needed to hold worth in an entirely different market. This is particularly challenging in a city like Hong Kong, which is particularly centered on finance. Young has elevated the trade appeal to those who can afford the finer things in life. Creating such goods is well aligned with the already in place practices of ensuring unparalleled quality. This method facilitates the creation of unique, desirable products. Additionally, this strong understanding of their manufacturing processes and techniques allows them to tailor make collaborations on bespoke projects.

This is the manner in which the heritage of such artisanship is being preserved and why you should be curious to e-store!

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