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Mira Moon, Hong Kong Mira Moon, Hong Kong

Mira Moon

Thematically designed hotel in central Hong Kong that feels like a fantasy

by 10 June 2016

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders’ interpretation of an ancient Chinese tale provided the marvellous, contemporary-yet-abstract design for the Mira Moon Hotel. With Wanders’ personalised touch on the hotel decòr, guests are entranced in a passion that equally matches that shared between the characters from the tale, Hou-Yi and Chang-Er, in their tragic love.

In its introduction, Mira Moon greets new visitors with an enchanting, wonderful corridor that looms with colours of love-red and night-black. Luminous lanterns, featuring the characters from the tale, watch over the first steps into the Mira Moon with an eery and deep presence. Grand and luxurious furniture, custom designed by Wanders, that rest within the lobby seem to possess a tale of their own in their rustic style and design. When the key is received, guests ascend into the Mira Moon – where they’ll enter rooms which coincide with the entry in their elegance and personality.

Thematically labeled, the different rooms of the hotel are recognised by the stages of the Moon: the New Moon, the Half Moon, and the Full moon. Although a hierarchy typically exists within the order of rooms, even the New Moon rooms of the hotel shine with a royal allure. Each room flaunts customised mosaic walls, unique to the other rooms in the hotel, which feature peony flowers and other forms of tranquil imagery. When its time for rest and rejuvenation, king-sized beds are waiting with tempting invitation, as well as soothing walk-in rain showers.

For the more exclusive guest, on the 36th floor resides the one and only Moonshine Suite, complete with a stylish lounge area, large dining table, unruly furniture and a fantastic view of the Victoria Harbour.

To indulge with food and drink, there is the Supergiant Tapas & Cocktail Bar, the al fresco Secret Garden, and the slick Champagne Bar. All three are designed by Wanders, and capitalise the mystique in Mira Moon’s theme.

Mira Moon

388 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

+852 2643 8888


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