The Hong Kong Whiskey Festival returns for its 3rd Year at the Intercontinental Grand Stanford.

You can’t get more “French” unless you actually travel to Saint-Germain.

You can’t get more “French” unless you actually travel to Saint-Germain.

French bistro meets New York steakhouse at this acclaimed restaurant.

Today, it's just as important that what we eat must look as good as it tastes. Get yourself to one of these Instagram worthy tea and sweet houses in Hong Kong to feed your sweet tooth.

Hong Kong's dining scene is putting the city on the food map, from Italian pizzerias to Dim sum, if you're after New York dining in the metropolitan goldmine this is where you'll want to be heading.

With a mix of Europe, Asia and the US, Hong Kong's melting pot of urbane lifestyle brings people from all walks of life together. With a plethora of gin bars thanks to it's past British Empire and modern mixology locals, enjoying a strong drink in Hong Kong is quite a worldly experience. Explore our favourite secret watering holes across this Asian metropolis. 

Electic new locals, spices of Southern Asian and homemade dining from the far east, Hong Kong is a melting pot of cosmopolitan dining. 

Eggs, toasts, waffles, a strong cup of coffee and so much more. Brunch can be a family affair or the best cure to hangovers. In any event, slow down and see our seven brunch picks for your relaxing stay in Hong Kong.

With its circus streamers, themed food, and lively atmosphere, Trapeze is one of London's most unique nightclubs.