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Cocktails with a View in Hong Kong Featured

 Discover our favourite bars to go for drinks while watching the Symphony of Lights

by LUXOS Editorial

Probably one of the most enchanting experiences to have in Hong Kong is watching the Symphony of Light that somehow happens every night at 8pm. This unique light show is famous can be seen from both Kowloon and Victoria Harbour so no matter where you are, make sure to stop and take time to appreciate this one of a kind event, accompanied by a soundtrack by the Hong Kong Philharmonic. From observation decks to street-level spots, mark these best bars where to watch the Symphony of Lights.

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The Aquas

Part of the same family, Aqua luna and Aqua will both give justice to the lighting event.

Aqua Luna is a traditional Chinese wooden junk boat that is outfitted to serve 10 course dinners and drinks to passengers, while sailing between the bright lights. Passengers can board the Aqua Luna at Central Pier 9, Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier 1, Wanchai Public Pier, and Hung Home Public Pier.

Near the Hong Kong Cultural Center, Aqua is the on-land equivalent of Aqua Luna. Beside offering a jaw-dropping view of the skyline and light show, the high-ceiling window bar offers an extensive variety of sake and cocktails.

Dear Lilly

Stepping inside Dear Lilly feels like entering an enchanted forest. Located across the street from Central Pier, this bar is a fantasy in itself with a ceiling made of flowers and drinks that seem more like love potions than cocktails. One of our favourites is the Green Fairy, made of a mixture of rum, coconut water, yuzu, pineapple, and basil served with absinthe mist from an old time perfume bottle. Both drinks and atmosphere will put guests under a spell.

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Quayside Harbour Front Restaurant and Bar

Located west of Tamar Park stands Quayside Harbour Front Restaurant and Bar; a French bistro offering an extensive selection of wine kept in a walk-in wine cellar. After walking in this exclusive space it will be hard to think about anything but that French bottle you just saw. Still, take a glimpse at their signature cocktails, beers and cigar list. Get everything you need to head to the terrace, enjoy the perfect view of the harbour and toast life, Hong Kong, and lights.

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Club 147 Bar and Lounge

For more of a party scene, there is Club 147 Bar and Lounge in the Bowrington area. Inside the venue, there is a multitude of entertainment options including karaoke and American pool; outside on the balcony, a barbeque and another great view of Victoria Harbour where to enjoy the Symphony of Lights. Guest oftentimes opt for a glass of Moet & Chandon champagne which highlights the evening Hong Kong skyline and carries on long into the night.

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