Saint-Germain Bistro

You can’t get more “French” unless you actually travel to Saint-Germain.

Located in Happy Valley, Hong Kong, Saint-Germain’s food and atmosphere takes you back to early 20th century Paris. This brasserie features a 5-course menu of classic French fare and decadent dishes that highlight the revered “Black Diamond,” also known as the Périgord truffle.

Saint-Germain’s executive Chef, esteemed French culinary artist and expert, Jérôme Abraham, is a master of flavors. His recipes, such as the Feuilleté Périgueux and the Truffle Brie De Maux, are prepared in the finest tradition and utilize pure and simple artisanal ingredients. Saint-Germain also serves the richest French desserts in Hong Kong. Be sure to indulge in the Profiterole or the Vanilla Crème Brûlée.


Saint-Germain is open every day for both Lunch and Dinner, with its Lunch menu changing from week to week. Make sure to make dinner reservations in advance, as this popular restaurant tends to get fairly busy due to weekend brunch, private parties, and of course its famous truffle dégustations.

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Guests have the option to enjoy their meal outdoors, facing the racecourse, as typical of a Parisian brasserie. The interior dining area is an equally inviting space, with authentic Saint-Germain art-deco elements that perfectly reflect Saint-Germain’s classic menu.

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There’s truly no other restaurant in Hong Kong quite like this one. The characteristically convivial French atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious food, make for an unforgettable dining experience.

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