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Hong Kong's Hottest Dining Spot - Bistro Laurent Tourondel

French bistro meets New York steakhouse at this acclaimed restaurant.

Foodies everywhere are making reservations at Hong Kong’s Bistro Laurent Tourondel. The mastermind behind this remarkable culinary experience and restaurant is esteemed Chef Laurent Tourondel, a native of France who has spent his professional career working as an executive chef in his home country as well as New York City. Chef Touroundel is an expert in food fusion, and is owner to many of New York’s top-rated restaurants, including L’Amico, an American restaurant with Italian influences.

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The menu at Chef Tourondel’s eponymous bistro in Hong Kong is a reflection of his creativity, precision, and above all, his expertise in traditional French culinary techniques. From the Grilled Red Snapper with fresh peas, lime shiitake, and ginger vinaigrette to the signature Black Garlic Rubbed Short Ribs with jalepeno chimichurri and grated horseradish, Chef Tourondel’s creations are a dynamic feast for the eyes and palette. His careful attention to flavours highlight the high-quality ingredients: the meats, seafood, vegetables are always fresh and locally-sourced, and of course the prime steaks are naturally aged and cooked in a state-of-the-art charcoal broiler. But be sure to also save room for the artistically prepared desserts, with popular favourites such as the Crêpe Soufflé with passion fruit sauce and Chef Tourondel’s twist on the classic New York Cheesecake.

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Aside from the delicious food, tourists and locals alike come to Bistro Laurent Tourondel for its elegant ambience and relaxing outdoor setting. Located on the Victoria Harbour waterfront, guests enjoy a spectacular view of the panoramic cityscapes as they dine al fresco at the spacious patio. The interior dining area is an equally appealing beautiful contemporary space featuring organic and antiquated aesthetic elements—perfectly reflecting the dynamic menu of Bistro Laurent Tourondel.

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