Hong Kong's Hidden Drinking Haunts Featured

With a mix of Europe, Asia and the US, Hong Kong's melting pot of urbane lifestyle brings people from all walks of life together. With a plethora of gin bars thanks to it's past British Empire and modern mixology locals, enjoying a strong drink in Hong Kong is quite a worldly experience. Explore our favourite secret watering holes across this Asian metropolis. 

by Chris Tsai

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A breath of fresh air in the good old Lan Kwai Fong area. This is the place to go after dinner for a late night out. Drinks are how this restaurant bar made its name, and the EO Gimlet does not disappoint: Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin is shaken with EO Lime Cordial. Clearly, simple pleasures are the best. Open until 3:30am

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Dr. Fern's Gin Parlour
This venue's tongue-in-cheek name gives you a clue as to what the doctor has prescribed. Named after an eccentric physician, Robben Fern, this gin parlour draws inspirations from his original recipes of gins, herbs and botanicals - always fresh, local and organic whenever possible. You might just come across a different concoction every evening.

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The Woods' Annex
While most of us have tried wine tasting, how about spirits tasting? Victoria Chow, founder of The Woods' Annex, offers unique tastings of premium artisanal spirits by appointment only, for no more than eight guests at a time. You will have the opportunity to learn about provenance, distillation and find your favourite through a truly palatable experience.



Led by Kino Soh and a strong team of female mixologists, Quinary serves up to 40 varieties of Singapore's Highball - a spirit and a carbonated mixer, served in an ice-filled highball glass.  Flavours and aromas together create a concotion to play with all your senses for a 360° experience. Whilst sounds and sights of Antonio Lai's open will catch your attention of redistilling and slow cooking of spirits.

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