Far East Dining in Hong Kong Featured

Electic new locals, spices of Southern Asian and homemade dining from the far east, Hong Kong is a melting pot of cosmopolitan dining. 

by Chris Tsai

New Punjab Club

Your eclectic south Asian dining experience begins with a properly-done tandoori, a true Punjabi speciality which Michelin-starred chef Palash Mitra expands into a full menu dedicated to this unique region in India. The Sumptuous décor is inspired by the legendary private Punjab Club in Chandigarh.



Haku's dining experience spotlights a huge L-shaped dining counter than wraps around the open kitchen, helmed by Agustin Balbi. True to the Japanese culinary pillars of ingredients and presentation, his Europeans twist is what makes Haku so unique: the tartare with Japanese fatty tuna and beef from Boucherie Polmard is Paris is a must have.

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Little Bao

'Bao' in Chinese, the bun that has defied all odds to become Asia's new gourmet star is a shining example of how all good things come in small packages. May Chow, voted Veuve Clicquot 'Asia's Best Female Chef' of 2017, distills the essence of Chinese dishes in each little burger: slow-braised pork belly, Szechuan fried chicken with black vinegar glaze and more.

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Seasonal dishes inspired by the chef's eye-opening journy to Okinawa, Japan, are new on the menu at Zero. Sample Shioyaki chicken drumsticks, braised pork trotters and tender ribs, and buckwheat soba with wagyu beef tongue, all prepared with simple techniques that bring out genuine flavours of quality ingredients.

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Happy Paradise

Looking for a late-night bar where you can savour Chinese nibbles with your cocktail? Neon-lit Happy Paradise is it. Tea-smoked pigeon, steamed snapper and raw sea bream and other small plates go well with the heady drinks. Try Drunken Plums, a blend of Shao Xing wine, sour plum, gin, sherry and bitters.

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Bari-Uma is the largest ramen chain in its origin, Hiroshima. Besides 37 branches throughout Japan, you can also fine Bari-Uma in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Macau. Its homemade reman, super-rich broth prepared with pork bone and thick cuts of charcoal-grilled chashu are key to its success.

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