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With its circus streamers, themed food, and lively atmosphere, Trapeze is one of London's most unique nightclubs. 

Inspired by the nearby National Centre for Circus Arts, the Trapeze Bar has the look and feel of a circus. Candy-striped columns, circus tent streamers, disco lights, and themed posters provide a backdrop for an ever-changing performance made up of music, food, drinks, and entertainment. Be prepared for a different experience each time you visit. If you stop by on a Tuesday, there might be an ongoing DJ dance party while Wednesday could be burgers and chill. On Friday the bar might host an energetic end of the week dance off whereas Saturday would be an all-night karaoke. The bar also offers birthday and drink packages--some of which come with sparkles and confetti. Full of energy, life, and pizzazz, there is always something happening here. So step right up, and enjoy an interesting and unique evening in London

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Trapeze Bar

89 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HX, UK

+44 20 7739 6747