Tea & Cake in Hong Kong Featured

Desserts, pastries and cakes that transcend borders and LUXOS has the inside scoop.

by Chris Tsai


Cobo House by 2am: dessertbar

Chocolate Bomb

Since Singaporean-born Janice Wong received the ‘Asia’s best pastry chef’ award for two consecutive years, she has developed her pastries into a full-fledged, edible art. Sweets have their place of honour in this progressive restaurant, where the dessert bar counter lets you savour a tasting menu while observing the creative process up close. The chocolate bonbons that look as if they came straight out of a Kandinsky painting are proof of Wong’s deliciously artistic aspirations.

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Nakamura Tokichi


The Japanese love their tea, particularly green tea, as much as the Chinese, but what sets their tea culture apart is a ceremonious approach that elevates a mere taste preference to an art form. Now, you can experience the imperial tea brand of Nakamura Tokichi while shopping on Nathan Road. Kick back in the tea room, sip an invigorating brew before enjoying a sweet treat. For last-minute souvenirs, stop by the other location inside Miramall on 118 Nathan Road.

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L’Éclair de Genie

Signature Eclairs

The éclair ranks amongst France’s most iconic pastries, along with croissants and macarons. And thanks to Christophe Adam, whose 15-year tenure progressed from head pastry chef to executive chef and on to creative director at Fauchon, the éclair has now truly come into its own as an international brand. L’éclair de Génie offers classic and new flavours alongside boxed sets for birthdays, baby showers and other special occasions.

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