Cochin Delicatessen

With menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even brunch, there is nothing this deli can't deliver. From saucisson truffles to octopus carpaccio, you've got the whole world in your hands.

When you call Cochin Delicatessen, be sure to make reservations for a seat (or two) at the open kitchen counter because you will not want to miss out on the freshly-prepared dishes that spotlight prime ingredients. The ambience here is laid-back and casual, while everything about the food here is bespoke and served with the finest cooking spirit. Speaking of which, be sure to try the innovative cocktails to pair with the splended meats and seafood. Those in search of 'something light' will find freshly-tossed salds and expertly-sourced cheeses to match the wines. Here, no one leaves hungry.