12,000 Francs

It is the meeting between the Old and New Worlds at its best, and it is the new, go-to gastronomic destination that everyone’s talking about.

Diners in-the-know knew they had spotted something special when 12,000 Francs first opened just one year ago. Aspiring to be the best restaurant in the Central district of Hong Kong, it is highly likely that the coveted title is within easy reach. In fact, the acclaimed establishment has already been recognized by leading news sources as one of the best new restaurants of 2017 so far. The modern European wine bar and restaurant - perfect for lunch or dinner - is located in the heart of SoHo, a pulsing and lively area of Hong Kong that brings together travellers and locals. More than 80 wines of superb quality and value are available on the menu. And of course, where is the food? The talented chefs, part of Woolly Pig concepts, offer a new take on the traditional preservation methods of smoking, salting and curing, with a menu that is divided into succinct sections, with wonderful charcuterie and cheeses. You'll be served while seated at the communal 'Sommeliers Table'. That said, all you need to know is that a cross-cultural, cross-temporal gourmet experience awaits.