Hong Kong's Top 5 European Summer Dining Options

Feeling a little continental? Why not try one of these European dining destinations?

by Chris Tsai

12,000 Francs

It’s the meeting of the Old and New Worlds at its best, and the new global gastronomic destination that everyone’s talking about, from diners in-the-know who knew they had found something special when 12,000 first opened just a year ago, to CNN’s recognition as one of the best new restaurants this year. A new take on the traditional preservation methods of smoking, salting and curing divides the menu into succinct sections, but all you need to know that a cross-cultural, cross-temporal gourmet experience awaits.

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Eiffel Bistro

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The addition of a neighbourhood venue makes Hong Kong’s genteel eastside residential area even more attractive. Eiffel Bistro goes straight for your favourites: onion soup, homemade duck foie gras, flavourful beef tartare. Treat yourself to a business lunch here or stop by at weekends.

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There’s no better place to let your hair down than at QMO where you can either stop by the bar counter for a glass of red and some tapas, or head inside with a couple of your best friends and tuck into a great fideuà or Iberico pork ribs with finger potatoes, prepared by Chef Martin Carrasco and his team.

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There is something so comforting about this French bistro: it’s probably the perfectly roasted chicken, the full-bodied wine, or the casual and cosy setting that allows you to let you hair down. There's something for everyone at Belon.

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Cochin Delicatessen

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When you call Cochin, make reservations for a seat at the open kitchen counter because you will not want to miss out on the freshly-prepared dishes that spotlight prime ingredients. The seafood, freshly-tossed salads and expertly-sourced wines and cheeses are not be missed.

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