Hong Kong: For Those Who Lunch

Hong Kong is the king of lunch. Browse our LUXOS guide to decide where you will be eating today.

by Mike Lou

 Deng G Bistro and Baijiu Bar

 Deep fried fish in Mala sauce

If your motto at the dining table is ‘the spicier the better,’ then Szechuan fare is it. Renowned chef Deng Huadong hails from one of the hottest culinary heartlands in China, and has been instrumental in popularising its characteristically intense flavours around the world. For enthusiasts of the numbingly spicy to sweet-and-sour alike.

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Potato Head Hong Kong Kaum 5

Indonesian restaurants are everywhere in Hong Kong, but coming across a good one can sometimes be a hit and miss affair. Potato Head’s latest gastronomic venture within its expansive, multi-purpose space is a great example of how gourmet cuisine has been integrated into a new lifestyle concept.

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interior 2

Welcome home. This ‘green’ house offers the most comforting of both Asian and Western specialities so that you will feel right at home – one of the reasons why Causeway Bay is always full of surprises, and this garden-inspired restaurant is one of them. There’s a little greenery, there’s the warmth of being home.

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The Elephas

Health Bar - The Elephas7

Drawing inspirations from Thai cuisine, quick dishes at this ‘coffee & health bar’ max out on flavours and nutrition without all the calories: grilled mixed seafood quinoa salad is ideal after your workout. If you are on the run, how about an invigorating cup of the unique South Asian Elephant Blend to go?

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