Dim Sum Delights In Hong Kong

In Hong Kong for dinner? Let the lights dim sum and head to one of these speciality locations.

by Chris Tsai

 Yum Cha

With its adorable designs that are so insta-worthy, served with designer tableware in a contemporary décor that looks more like a cool Scandinavian home than a traditional dim sum restaurant, Yum Cha is such a refreshing change from the usual Chinese haunts, maintaining dim sum’s most important aspect – sharing scrumptious bites hand-crafted from seasonal ingredients with friends and family.

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Social Place

IMG 0047-4

Using only rice bran oil during the cooking process with absolutely no additives, Social Place is a wonderful choice for those who want to have a healthy dimmie or two for a leisurely lunch, or in the evening, when traditionally dim sum is no longer available. You can even play ping pong in the restaurant, or pair your dishes with a locally-brewed beer or a glass of wine.

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Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

IMG 7405aa

This quaint restaurant further up Canton Road serves the Cantonese speciality of dim sum, while paying homage to one of the world’s most iconic cats. The feline motif has been incorporated into the rustic décor with a wink, but don’t let the tongue-in-cheek style distract you from the authentic fare, made for your inner child. hellokittychinesecuisine.com.hk

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