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Hong Kong restaurants for frequent travellers

Home-away-from-home venues ideal for regular visitors

When you're on the road, it can be difficult to find ideal restraurants in a foreign and unknown setting. Luckily, the city of Hong Kong has a set of tasteful home-away-from-home venues that will satisfy the travellers stomach. When in Hong Kong, indulge in these welcoming restraurants.

Maggie & Rose Hong Kong The Beach Club


Maggie and Rose

Following its success in London eight years ago, Maggie & Rose family members club has opened in Hong Kong. The expansive space, featuring a play area, class studios, a brasserie, roof terrace and private beach, is located on the evocative waterfront of Repulse Bay. Experience ‘Eat+Play’ in booths based on a vintage train carriage, giant scrabble, or Banksy-inspired graffiti.

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While there are numerous venues in Hong Kong offering wine and dining with live music, MyHouse’s concept of zooming in on an organic, familial experience is the first. Natural wines and European-style dishes for sharing let you spend the night ‘in’ and relax. Pick a vinyl off the shelf and play it right at the turntables at each seat, or hang around for the resident DJs and live bands to warm things up as the evening wears on.

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Ever miss your own food while travelling, or just want to host a few friends or colleagues in a more laidback setting where you can just cook and chat? Located just five minutes’ walk from APM mall in Kwun Tong, Rent-a-Kitchen’s large party space features an island kitchen with induction stoves, professional-use ovens and everything you possibly need to get the evening started, your way.

1 Maggie & Rose
2 MyHouse
3 Rent A Kitchen